Thursday, January 02, 2014

It's about Time...

This is dedicated to the 3 people who possibly read my blog;)  I have not written in awhile, but before you get into a huff, do consider that I've moved country and started working 3 hours a week in small town KY.  Just about everything has changed, including Claire losing her two front teeth in time for Christmas.  We are in yet another new country, new town, new home, new school system, new church, and new stage of parenting.  Here's a brief update:
Keith is continuing to pursue his PhD in New Testament from St. Andrews University in Scotland, but now finishing from his man cave in our large basement- his walls lined with books.  He is enduring his PhD work with steadfast effort, focus, and patience in the face of criticism and skepticism.   He does a bit of part time work here and there, but otherwise wrestles with the girls, teases them like the brother they don't have, and cuddles them unconditionally. Their love of the outdoors and animals certainly comes from him.

I am working as a Children's Minister at a church in Versailles, KY.  I work some 30 hours a week- juggling a variety of tasks.  I am able to be home with the girls after school so that I don't miss the homework whining, incessant need for creating crafts out of cheap construction paper and tape, sister wear and tear, after school snack sugar highs;)  I do cherish my time with the girls even more now when I am with them, but also enjoy getting out and doing some of my own work . Fortunately, Claire is in most of the children's programs I lead so she gets to spend a lot of time with me while I am working, too.  Aside from home and church, I've been able to do some little kid-intense soccer coaching and some devotionals for a local high school girls team.

Claire is enjoying 2nd grade and exceeding expectations in math and reading, sometimes expressing anxiety about being the youngest in her class.  She continues to be a bit of a "drama queen" when it comes to any pain (including hair brushing and feather-like hits from her toddler sister) or not getting what she wants (and I mostly mean food or candy) . She is maturing as protective and nurturing big sister, growing in her faith, and continuing to love arts and crafts and imaginative play.  She spent a year trying gymnastics, and not enjoying standing still so much, will now be trying some swimming lessons.  She is a sensitive, but sweet girl with a generous heart for others and does amazingly well at making friends in new places despite a shy exterior. 

Autumn is our little dinosaur.  Silent in public, but a roaring lion at home.  She is a shorty (must come from Keith's side), but full of energy and general happiness.  She is experimenting with the usual mean faces and back talk, but really enjoys family time and playing babies.  Her favorite phrases include "Wes" (yes), "You teasin' me", " I go poo poo pee pee", "I love you Mommy-e-o, Daddy-e-o, Claire-e-o", "I happy girl", and "God made me". She loves running and flapping her little feet on our wood floor and stripping down as much as possible.  She goes to "school" 3 days a week and enjoys her friends.

Small town KY is challenging for us in this time . We are exhausted from transition, adjusting to life with a child in full-time school and extracurricular activity, and still adjusting to two full-time vocations outside of family time.  But we are growing in our ability to live simply, rest as a family, enjoy the work that we have, and to share and receive more generously with those around us. 

For now, we are enjoying a break from work and playing in the snow in Wisconsin and Illinois in our brief time visiting family.  Hope to see you blog-readers soon!


Erin Crisp said...

Enjoyed the update. Just letting you know someone is reading. Can hardly believe Claire is in second grade. Welcome back to the US.

chris jagger said...

I am one of your readers