Friday, May 13, 2011

Jagger clan update!

Before I begin, I just want to share what Claire said to me today as she was furiously cleaning the toilet bowl with the brush (which she begs to do frequently and thoroughly enjoys). After she told me to pretend that she was "unclogging" it she said "I just wish I could get all the way down in the toilet hole and see what's down there!". Proceeding this was a detailed question and answer session regarding where the stuff in the potty goes, who cleans it, and if those people smell because they clean the "poopy".
As for the rest of the Jagger family, we are beginning to make our much awaited move out of Wilmore. Yes, hard to believe and I still wonder if something will pop up and keep us here last minute BUT I am pretty sure we are ACTUALLY leaving this time. Much to our dismay the Forbes family made it out of Wilmore before we did. JK, We do wish them well and will miss them greatly, but are glad they have found a great place to move on to. I just hope Claire runs into Nathan sometime, the cuddliest boy on earth who will be quite the heartbreaker in the future...
So we are headed to Illinois to stay with Keith's parents for most of June. Then we will be around the Midwest, visiting WI some in July and August. I'll be taking it easy with the kiddos while Keith starts to do some PhD prep. Come September, we plan on Keith heading to Scotland to settle in at the beginning of the month with the rest of us to follow (with the help of Keith's generous mother) a few weeks later. After that, I have NO idea what life will be like, but I trust there will be much FOOTBALL in my future and I don't mean the American kind;)
Autumn is growing fast and continuing to endure the thousands of kisses she receives daily from her big sister. Mom is recovering well and Keith is tying up loose ends with his work at the seminary. With many of our friends moving as well there are many parties and goodbyes in the coming weeks...We came to Kentucky engaged and in need of a great deal of formation. We leave with 2 beautiful daughters and hearts more prepared for facing the challenges of the world.