Monday, March 14, 2011

Healing Conference Reflections

The "Wind of the Spirit" brought Revs. Larry and Audrey Eddings to Wilmore to host a "Healing Academy" a few weeks ago. That same Spirit gently prodded me to attend. A few people have asked me why I wanted to do it...I'm not sure I have an answer. I have never known much about healing, the Lutheran denomination I grew up in was largely bi-nitarian in practice focusing mostly on the Father and Son with very little explanation, sense of, or connection to the work of the Holy Spirit. This conference also seemed to be good timing. One last thing I could do for myself and by myself before I give my energy and attention to a second labor and child. So, I guess it was curiosity, a bit of selfishness, and wooing by the Healer that led me to come. The only pregnant woman to attend, my baby received a lot of in-utero prayer. Some sort of prophet or ball of heavenly fire is going to be coming out of me! ;)
Since the conference was 4 days and included a 15 chapter manual, it is hard to know what exactly I learned or the most important take aways.
-God both desires and wills the total wholeness of people- in spirit, mind, body, and relationships.

-(This one is obvious, but I so easily forget) Jesus sometimes preached the Gospel and healed the sick...other times he preached the Gospel by healing the sick- He was the incarnation of God's desire and active work to heal all of creation. His healing ministry included:
-forgiving sins (spirit)
-releasing persons from fear/lust/oppression/rejection (soul/mind)
-delivering from demonic forces (spirit/soul/body)
-and healing the sick (body)

-Jesus died not just for our salvation but also for our sanctification which includes "the cleansing of those hurts, traumas, fears, sins, and negative attitudes that keep us from being the people God intended us to be..." This includes emotional healing- healing of "hurt of a broken heart, a confused mind, a shattered personality, a personal in, a frightening trauma, a shocked loss". I found this process, simple as it is, so transforming when it comes to healing of memories that cause us emotional pain:
1. recall the event 2. Forgive the person 3. Ask forgiveness from God
4. Ask the Holy Spirit to give a vision of Jesus being in that scene- ask Him to allow you to see or sense what He would do to heal that situation and have his presence bring healing...

-Blessings & Curses/Judgments have lasting effects on our lives and the lives of those around us "There is still power in the spoken word. The spoken word has the power to affirm or negate; the power to create or destroy; the power to encourage of discourage; the power to give hope or bring despair; the power to wound or to heal; the power to bless or to curse..." It was interesting to think about these in terms of generational ones as well how to renounce curses through faith in Christ and forgiveness

-Baptism in the Spirit:"To be baptized with the Holy Spirit is to be immersed in God's God's holiness, God's Spirit, God's consuming fire, God's light, God's love and God's own Person". Again this is something I've known little about and known what to expect in the experience. I have to admit there was a bit of skepticism when it came to both baptism in the Spirit and deliverance from demonic forces but I think I came to see my skepticism was more about the STYLE in which these were pursued - quite southern compared to my northern tastes- than my belief that they are real and need to be dealt with. Even after 6 years in KY, I still have culture shock.

There was a great deal more of material and learning that went on. Surprisingly, I think I also had my own experience of receiving physical healing. I had had a bad hold cold for over a month which was making me miserable especially being so pregnant. Two women in the group prayed over me and at one point I felt a lightening of my head and instant relief from sinus pressure, snot, etc. I couldn't believe the difference I felt and I can't deny that some sort of healing had to be attributed to Jesus there. Oddly, though, that night I went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible ear infection. The first one I've EVER had in my life. Not sure what that was about but a woman at the oonference mentioned to me the next day that sometimes there is a "backlash" that comes after a physical healing. Is that similar to a spiritual one where more demons come back than were in the "house" to begin with? Im not sure, but I praise God for His healing work through antibiotics!

God graced me with new Kingdom eyes through the whole experience. He enlightened me as to the true width of ministry and how much healing all of broken humanity is in need of- healing that comes by His Spirit and that I can be a part of wherever I am in the world. Jesus was and is a liberator, Risen LORD empowering us to liberate in His name...HALLELUJAH