Thursday, October 12, 2006

Orange glucose soda

HI! It has been awhile...I now weight 20 more pounds than i did at the beginning of the baby jagger pregnancy. I have 3 more as an experienced women's soccer coach under my belt, as well as a month and a half at starbucks and have made it to midterm time of 3 graduate seminary courses.
Yesterday, we had another baby appointment. I had to fast until 10:30 am (more difficult to do when pregnant and someone inside of you is taking the calcium from your teeth and iron from your blood so they dont remain hungry)...Then i had to swallow some glucose orange soda stuff and get my blood drawn. Im waiting to hear if I have gestational diabetes or not. I almost hope i do because im so tired all the time (even after of 10 hours a sleep a night, i have to take a nap midday)- im wanting them to tell me there is something wrong with me and here's what you can do about it...

Im getting burnt out on soccer. We're playing some horrible competition which makes games long and unbearable from a 4-0 halftime on. I guess our season might extend into late NOV. ending at a tournament in Florida which will be impossible for me to make, but im not sure im ready for the extra practices that will accompany it either.

The last few weeks of seminary chapel have been quite interesting.
XXX Church paid us a visit and spoke on ministry related to pornography- which does include handing out bibles and setting up boths at porn conferences which they are ASKED to attend by the head porn people or whatever you call them. I guess this ministry came out of a need to address the porn problem in youth ministry and to address the easy access to it on the internet. Their speaker was really quite fantastic.

The next week of chapels was followed by takes on the Iraq war. One professor spoke more in favor of just war theory , another more in favor of pacifism. In between, an Arab-Texan student with a Shiite father and Christian mother gave a personal testimony. It seems obvious what the church should do on the iraq situation, but our country isnt the church and its a while nother question what the country should do and how we react in the middle of that. Any thoughts?

Otherwise I continue to learn about frappacino's, christian ethics, anthropology of mission, history of the sacraments (were visiting and eastern orthodox church tonight), baby's kicking one's ribs, and coaching philosophies...
Sorry I dont have much more to write, but such is the life of Eve Jagger this days- learning to enjoy being a cocreator with her husband and of THE Creator.

Tell me what's up with you!