Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Haven't written in awhile, you might say I'm a slacker, but HEY :
The baby is doing well... I got to hear its heartbeat the other day- thump thump thump 153 bpm!
Last week was an interesting one- I had intended to chaperone a youth mission trip from my church in wilmore- 8 youth and two adults. Ends up only 2 youth are going. 2 teenage boys that is, with 2 female chaperones...But the Youth Minister decided to see if any adults in the church were willing to go and 3 more females ended up with us. So, yes, 2 teenage boys had 5 mothers for the trip, but they were treated like adults for the most part and distracted themselves with mini play stations.
We drove to Chicago on Monday- despite a bumper that fallen off on a trip from Kansas the evening before- We ate a good pizza place and made our way into the heart of downtown to
"The Friendly Towers"- home of the Jesus People USA. Bascially, it's a Christian commune- a bunch of Christians (many foreign) living together in a large apartment building sharing wealth and income in common purse. This frees them up to pour into ministry that they would not otherwise be able to do. It also allows them to bring in the poor and disabled that might be in need of extra help. JPUSA people would probably be labeled "hippie" style, but it is their ability to be laid back and flexible that allows them to thrive.
Our service was more of an indirect ministry. JP USA people were out at the Cornerstone festival in Illinois doing ministry and making a large chunk of money for the year. In their absence, there was no one to cook and clean for the senior residents who live on the top two floors of their building- so we took on this INSANE task in order to free them to leave for the week.
Old people- bitter, rude, impossible to satisfy- also with few and far between friendly moments breaking through. My life consisted of coffee, grits, bacon, and patties for a few days. Lots of spills, messes, and complaints, but in the end was a rewarding experience. The reward lay more in the fellowship of our service team and in knowing we were helping JP USA out and giving thema break for a week, then actually feeling rewarding from serving seniors.
And then there were those few hours at the Chicago beach that provided a nice break and some sun. Although high ecoli levels kept us out of the water.
AND the thai food- mmmmmmmmmm- i ate for four that night!
So I got to be a psuedo socialist for a few days- or at least see a common purse community> I was actually more of a slave most of the week. Man, did my feet kill.
Did anyone ever see the movie "PIE" - i mean the math symbol but am not seeing it here on the keyboard? Wacko stuff
Im back in KY. Allergies once again at a maximum...minimal puking has returned. Bye to seniors, hello to crazy kids again.
If you're ever in Chicago , check out JP USA. Cool people, lots of stories.